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They always say being a blonde is more fun – and hey, why not? Where everybody thinks, blonds Do! And then it becomes a legend to remember… let’s party!!! All kidding aside (and stereotypes), the fact is that almost everyone has (or has wanted) to go blonde once in their lives. Sure, hair dyes can get you there, but often they can be damaging and a pain to deal with – So, what’s the next best way to get yourself those gorgeously golden tresses this summer season?

Well, that, my friend, is where our all-natural Indian blonde hair extension come in!

Flowing golden, much like Rapunzel and a treat to the eyes as well, our brilliant Blonde Indian Remy Hair Extensions are undoubtedly your one-stop solution to better rock those golden tresses yourself – and hey, that too affordably!

Best Indian Blonde Human Hair Extensions – Blonde Is the New Black!

Enticingly golden, yet fine as a feather – diffusing light like no one’s business, our brilliant Blonde Indian Hair Extensions are crafted using organically sourced, true-virgin, high-quality follicles that are both extra-strong and enticingly handsome – making them perfect to better take your glowing, flowing blonde hair games to the next best level!

Like it goldy and blingy? Love the fit and feel blonde tresses? Looking for that classy yet stunning “Elley”-inspired” look? We got you covered! Or better yet, our true top best Indian Virgin blonde hair extensions got you covered!

Best Indian Blonde Hair Extension Exporters – the style you need, TODAY!

blonde curly remy hair extensionFashion, as they say, changes everyone – and more often than not, hairstyles are a big part of that. sure, blonde might not be the most subtlest hair tone of all (in fact, it’s the most flashiest) – nevertheless, if you’re looking to better ramp up your hairstyle game this summer season, going true-blue blonde is the best way to go – and guess what? Our brilliant raw virgin Indian blonde hair extensions can definitely help you out with it!

Sure, a bit of hair dye and a steady hand can easily give you this brand new, trendy look to flaunt. However, it’s not really an everyday solution nor is everybody gonna wanna have their hair doused in a harmful vat of chemicals or solutions, be it thanks to potential allergies, dryness, hair fall and even breakages – needless to say, this is exactly where our top of the line Best Indian Virgin blonde hair extensions can help you out!

Indian Blonde Hair Extension – Care, Style, Quality and Sheer Goodness!

Made using organically sourced Indian hair follicles that are naturally bleached to a truly gold/grey shiny shade, our signature blonde Indian hair weave extensions are designed to fit well over your natural hair, giving it an ample amount of blonde shaded style, fit feel and look that literally borders on true to life realism – perfect for both every day wear as well as red carpet-ish events!

From curly to wavy, straight to coarse and frizzy to sleek, our blonde hair on Indian skin extensions are available across a wide range of exciting colors, shades and tones to choose from. Furthermore, our team of stylists and hair care experts would also be very happy to better help you choose the perfect Indian Natural blonde hair extensions that are more suited for your face type, styles, and structures.

Hey there, we are Raw Indian Hair Factory. And truly enough, finding your perfect hairstyle is now far easier than ever before – all thanks to our brilliant range of extension products, tools and the sheer quality and style that comes with them.

Cheap Indian Blonde Hair Extensions Vendors: Straight, Wavy and Curly

At Raw Indian Hair Factory, we take customer satisfaction quite seriously – and to that end, we currently offer a slew of extra classy variants of our masterful Indian blonde hair extension models for you to choose from – why? Because choices, my friends, always matter!

Available as straight, curly, wavy and on every single style in-between, we have tried to offer you, the client, with extension choices across every sort of hair types and textures you could ever possibly imagine – and that too while keeping everything easy on the wallet!

Keeping everything simple, the process of application of our Remy Indian blonde human hair extensions too is very easy and can be done with us over a quick appointment. Truly natural, free of chemicals and designed to be styled and enjoyed the way you want it, our Indian blonde hair extension options are world renowned for their strength and quality of life – rendering them very, very true to life and making our clients (that’s you!) very well happy and confident along the way !

Straight Indian Blonde Hair Extension Options

blonde Straight hair extensionAt the moment, we are offering true blonde Indian straight hair extensions across multiple sizes and length at every single customer request – thanks to their limited quantity. Nevertheless, we can easily alter them to better suit your requirements while still maintaining their natural texture and tensile strength – keeping thus the level of quality and style at the utmost, best possible height of standards!

Our Raw Indian Hair Factory is 100% Pure and they are directly from major Temples from southern India. Our hairs are raw virgin Indian hair. Our Hairs of top and premium quality grade, they can surely be used in hair extensions without ever a second thought. Furthermore, our hair extension solutions – weather blonde or not – are very well received across most parts of the world – overwhelming them very well with our sheer levels of quality, style, and brilliance of services.

Wavy Indian Blonde Hair Extension Options

Every client is different, has different requirements, and wants different things in life. And needless to say, at Rawblonde wavy hair extension Indian Hair Factory, we have tried to fulfill everyone’s unique request with our wide range of blonde Indian Hair Extensions – the latest and greatest being Wavy Indian blonde hair extension models!

A true favorite amongst our clients, our blonde wavy extensions are made from virgin human hair obtained locally and unprocessed, making them truly strong, natural and beautiful at every sense. Furthermore, they also do not lose their texture or feel even after prolonged use – truly all thanks to their ultra-natural natures!

We always make sure to obtain our raw materials from a single donor so as to better maintain its uniformity in texture and look, ensuring that it looks very natural almost as if it is growing right there with your hair. Furthermore, thanks to its virgin nature, our products can also be easily curled, permed or styled better according to the wishes of its wearer –


Blonde Indian Curly Hair Extensions:

indian blonde curly hair extension

Undoubtedly, curls are one of the most popular styles of hair out there! And hey, our range of blonde Indian hair extensions too includes a lot of them as well! Our clients love them, thanks to the quality we promise! And guess what? they’re also very easy on the wallet too – Truly all thanks to our brilliant policy of not adding any sort of extra or unnatural elements to our products thereby maintaining only the best ever standards possible!

Smooth, soft and fully natural, If you have ever wanted your hair to be blonde, curly and stunning, you can now easily satisfy your wishes and look gorgeous thanks to our blonde Indian curly hair extensions. No wonder why our authentic products are being appreciated by client’s world over and continue to remain the best of the best out there – period!


Top Indian blonde Hair Extensions Wholesale – Here’s How They’re fixed!

For the unknown, extensions are fixed on to your hair through a process called bonding. And bonding itself is a method of weaving, involving the application of hair glue to a weft of hair then attaching it to a person’s – in this case, your’s – natural hair, fixing it well and good.

There are two types of bonding methods: Soft bond and hard bond.

As the name suggests, soft bonding involves the use of latex or acrylic adhesives. Since the lifetime of these adhesives is short-lived, they can be used for a short duration only.

Hard bond adhesives, on the other hand, are designed to last longer than soft bond ones owing to the water-resistant property of the resins and glues used on them. these are meant to be used on s long-term basis and hence the bond attachments themselves can generally last you for up to 4–6 weeks before a maintenance appointment is gonna be needed.

LengthAvailabilityDetails Applicable for Lengths
10”In Stock100% Remy
12”In StockNatural Human Hair
14”In StockLast longer if maintained properly
16”In StockMachine Weft
18”In StockNatural Color
20”In StockFlexible Styling: Yes
22”In StockQuality Checked: Yes

Exclusive Remy Indian Methods for bonding (unique to India)

Fusion method involves using hair follicles, which comes pre-tipped with a keratin adhesive. A heat clamp is then used to melt the glue to attach the extended hair follicles to your natural hair, resulting in a semi-permanent bonding of the hair fibers on an individual basis.

External method, on the other hand, involves using small metal rings – packed with hair follicles – that are then clamped together using a special tool that wraps a bead around your natural hair and fixes it there – giving your hair a more seamless and better realistic look and feel across the board!

Indian Blonde Human Hair Extension – Quality That You Can Rely On

Synthetic hair is cheaper than real hair since they are prepared by artificial means using chemicals on a factory floor.  and for that exact same reason, they do not tend to last as long as human hair and can be easily damaged by external factors including pollution, heat, cold and pretty much almost anything and everything. Plus, they can also be very harmful to your health in the long run, causing allergies and such.

Needless to say, nature knows best. Designed to weather through anything that the world can throw at it, our cheap Virgin Indian blonde hair extensions are manufactured using real human hair – hair that can easily be treated and styled just like your normal ones, looking and feeling pretty much exactly the same.


Indian Blonde Human Hair Extension – Only The Good, Always!

Taking the above same into consideration, here at RAW INDIAN HAIR FACTORY, we have made it their mission to ensure that our hair extensions are totally natural, homogeneous and are sourced from the best, processed, classified, and graded according to the best of every possible standard.

At each stage, Attention is being heavily paid on quality, quantity, and processing parameters. Furthermore, a lot of Care too is taken to ensure that our hair extensions truly meet international standards. So yeah, as far as quality is concerned, we simply doubt that you’ll be able to find a better, more worth-while ones than ours – no matter where you look, wherever you go!

Virgin Indian blonde hair extension prices – Affordability At Its Best!

From our collection itself, it’s pretty obvious that our Indian Remy Hair extensions are meant to be offered at a very ground-hugging price, especially when compared with our competitors. But hey, we are not done just yet! Taking wallet-friendliness to a whole new level, we do make an effort to churn out special deals and discounts across our entire portfolio of hair products –including Indian blonde hair bundles – at very, very frequent chances – giving you plenty of great chances to better grab some amazing extensions at very, very affordable pricing!

And if that’s not enough, we also do offer a very wide range of cool and exciting hair solutions – including hair products, maintenance kits and more – at very, very cheaper price tags to better go in tandem with our extension based options – choose us, your hair and wallet will definitely thank you!

Real Indian Blonde Hair Bundle Deals: The Takeaway!

Synonymous with glamour, beauty and a ton of great fun, blonde hair is often cherished worldwide for their sheer glowing beauteous nature – its pure love! It’s always been in trend – mind you, its fun to sport and it is well known for giving its wearers a funny yet sophisticated look that can set them apart from the crowd – making it one of the most trendiest, best and latest hairstyling option to sport in 2019!

Here at Indian Hair Factory, we want everyone to feel gorgeous no matter their hair tones are. Nevertheless. Who doesn’t really like changes? So, if you’re planning to better break into the blonde trend this summer season or just wanna have a quick go at it, our brilliant Indian blonde hair extension options can definitely help you out – allowing you to better style and enjoy your hair the way you prefer it, always and forever!

So, what are you still waiting for? Give us a call today – our team of world-class, top hair-care experts and stylists will be there in a moment to better help you out!

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