6 Tips to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer in 2019

During childhood, every woman might have admired by the awesome-looking shiny hairstyles of the casts in the movies and fairy tales. Having such a great hair absolutely brings grace. With different styles and colors of hair extensions available, it is now just a matter of minutes. It is obvious that transforming your appearance with such hair extensions is a beauty investment. Among all, human hair extensions are getting more and more popular than synthetic. Indeed, that needs more caring.

hair extensions last longer

Higher the care and attention you pay, longer its life will be. Here, I am taking you through easy tips to take care of your hair extensions for its longer life. Even you are using hair extensions for the first time or used in the past; these tricks would be helpful. Moreover, the hair care tips I am sharing here is common and applicable to all sorts of human Remy hair extensions. Regular maintenance can make your investment worth for a long while.

Typical Lifespan of any Hair Extensions

With proper care and look after, your hair extensions last like new, for even a year. Else, it will last for only two to three months. It depends on how you handle it. The hair care products you apply on them, how often you wash or brush it, how you are taking care of it – all determines the lifespan of a typical hair extensions. Hope this article on tips to maintain your hair extensions can help you extend its length of the life that you believe.

How to Make Over Hair Extensions Last Longer?

There are plenty of hairstyles in different colors are available online or in spa’s. Though it becomes casual now-a-days, buying a hair extension set is still expensive. It will be furthermore expensive often going to nearby saloons for hair treatment. Hence, it becomes essential to pay more attention to its lifespan. These hair care tips are simple that you can do it yourself in the home.

Tips to Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Gentle Brushing

Always use high-quality loop brushes or Boar Bristle that can gently spread the hair oils over the extensions evenly. Indeed, it won’t damage, snag or tangle your hair set. As your hair extensions are attached to your natural hair, hold it tight while brushing your extensions. Brush your hair extensions multiple times (at least twice) a day with the extension brush smoothly. Make sure you are using wide tooth comb or brushes. Don’t forget to brush your hair before taking a shower. Brush from bottom to top to remove tangles without hair fall. By which, you can prevent your hair extensions from damage. I would personally suggest you to carry a loop brush always in your handbags. Use it brush your hair extensions wherever and whenever possible if you are out.

If you find severe tangles, separate that particular part of weft and brush it soothingly.

2. Minimal Washing

You should not over wash your hair set. Excessive washing may affect the cuticle strength and shortens its life span. Meanwhile, you have to have your hair extensions clean as you will be applying hair oils and all. It is advisable to wash it twice a week. In case you think to wash more than twice a week, then use dry shampoo. After wash, use some hair oils like Argan or Macadamia oil to nourish your hairs. Hence, your extension will be healthy and lasts longer.

Avoid using more products for hair styling aftercare. Since washing the extensions often will cause shedding. Hence, try to minimize as much as wash you can. Only when you find it is unclean or hard and dry for styling, then wash it gently and dry it thoroughly.

The significant point to remember is salt water is not good for hair health. Use filtered water that is free from chemicals like chlorine to make it lasts for longer.

3. Optimal Drying

You may use heat protection sprays for even heat exposure on your hair extensions. The high temperature will affect your cuticle and hence, the life span of hair extension. Better to use styling tools with heat gauge. Hence, you can have control over it. I would personally suggest allowing your hair to air dry, considering its health and life. If it is own natural hair, you can protect it easily with the oils applying to your scalps.

Keeping your hair set moisturized by reducing its dryness is highly significant. Meanwhile, wetness is also not good to make over it last longer. After wash, air dry your hair and then brush it tenderly to wear or store it. Better not to use any conditioners.

4. Using Premium Hair Care Products

The hair care products and the tools you use to maintain your hair extensions are highly considerable. As I said earlier, always use brushes that are exclusive for hair extensions to reduce shedding. Always prefer to apply silicon-free and sulfate-free agents on your hair to protect the bonds between natural hair and hair set. At the same time, don’t overuse any hair care products. More the hair treatment and styling products you use, more you will need washing. But frequent washing is not recommended.

To the bottom line, prefer using natural hair products that will be premium to offer a longer lifespan. If you are unclear about the suitable products for your hair extensions, then consult with your stylist.

While you are not using it, gently twist them, pop it with its hair net and store it in its box. By which, you can prevent tangling. There are also trouser hangers available to store your extensions, alternatively.

5. Properly Braiding

Don’t go to sleep with hair extensions. If you do so, then you are voluntarily reducing its life span. Braid your hair set before you go to bed. You must wear a hair mask or braid extensions while swimming, working out in Gym, and so on. Because the pool water is chlorinated which is not good for any type of own hair or extensions. Indeed, it also tangles your extensions and hence, the shedding will be high to remove it while brushing. Excessive exposure to the sun also affects your hair extensions life span. Better to wear a mask in those cases or braid it before.

I would suggest not to go for hair coloring. Since the coloring agents and the toners for hair coloring or styling can affect your cuticles. Hence, it is good for hair extensions that you want to make over last longer.

6. Put Off Tangling & Shedding

Probably, all the above tips are to prevent tangling and thereby to reduce hair shedding. You must pay more attention towards the hair care products, styling tools, or anything you use on your hair extensions. Ultimately, your extension must be tangle free. Too dry or too wet is not good for its life. And, don’t ever brush your hair set, when it is dry. Immediately after wash, it will be weak and sheds, if you use brushes.

Meanwhile, make a note that after every brush, there will be a slight shedding. But, this is very common. That doesn’t mean that more the times you brush your extensions, higher the shedding will be.

The best way to reduce tangles is to handle it smoothly and not to use while sleeping, swimming, or working out. To reduce hair shedding, use minimal products and oils. More the products you use, soon your hair will become dirt and hard. That is not good for any type of hair to be healthy.

Let’s Wind up on tips to Make Hair Extensions Last Longer

Just remember, all the hair extensions are not going to be similar. Especially, human Remy hair extensions will have different characteristics. Like your own natural hair, always pay more attention to your hair set also. Avoid frequent washing, hair coloring, over styling, to extend its life span for a year at least. Have thicker, smoother, Lengthier hair that is healthier too.

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