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“Hair is the crown that we don’t take off” – say’s some lucky gal with a great head of hair.

Indian Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers  – Let’s face it, hair extensions have always gotten a bad reputation for being ultra-high maintenance, often very damaging and an extravagance best left for those who frequent the red carpets. In fact, Indian hair wholesale price list is so very expensive, people don’t even consider them first for their hair styling needs – though they can really help’em out!

Sure, synthetic ones may be a far less expensive alternative. But, hey, they almost always tend to lack a lot over on quality and reliability. Plus, then there is also the case of health hazards and environmental issues like allergies, reactions, and pollution’s – easily said, synthetic ones, well, they’re not really meant for everyone!

So, what’s the best solution then? What’s the best way to style your hair this sultry summer season? One that’s not gonna destroy your hair strands to a thousand split ends?

Enter the Indian Remy Hair Extensions – brought to you by us, RIHF, the best Indian Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers out there!

RIHF Indian human hair extensions wholesale – A Brand Unlike Any Other!

Look we get it, for the modern-day women, hair is the most noticeable part of her beauty. It boosts her personality, it can offer her the confidence, and yes, it can even help her to get the boy (true story!) – And needless to say, here At Raw Indian Hair Factory, we definitely understand this!

Crafted painstakingly using organically sourced, Virgin, ultra- high-quality strands that are both super strong and extremely gorgeous, our Real Indian Remy Hair Extensions are undoubtedly your one-stop-solution to better take your hairstyling games to the next level!

Love it curly and thick? Prefer the feel of waves? Hunting for that perfect sleek, straightened look? We definitely got you covered – or better yet, our brilliant extensions got you covered!

Indian Human Hair Wholesale Supplier Exporter – Simply The Best Of The Best!

Here at Raw Indian Hair Factory – the best virgin Indian hair wholesale suppliers in India, we care a lot about quality, reliability. And most above all, convenience. And to that end, we prefer to source our raw materials only from the most highly reputed and organic sources like temples, hospitals, and high-end hair care saloons out there. And if that isn’t enough, we also offer one if the best quality-control systems in the business – better ensuring that our hair solutions will always be of the highest, best possible quality, no matter what!

Greatly organic and a true virgin at every strand, our extension solutions can quickly be styled with any sort of heat-based products or chemicals sans never any worry about breakages or split ends, ever! And hey, to better top it all off, they are also brilliantly available in a ton of exciting shades, textures, lengths, and fits – perfect for those who love to bring a bit of variety (and love) to their hair styling games!

So, Yeah, it literally goes without saying that you simply can never ever go wrong with our brilliant hair extension solutions – and that, my friend, is a true RIHF promise!

Indian Hair Wholesale Suppliers In India – The Choices Are Aplenty!

Everyone is unique, and so are their hairstyles too. Some have it frizzy; some have it curly while others have it long and wavy. Whatever the case may be, chances are that you may wanna style your hair for better – and needless to say, this is exactly where our brilliant Remy hair extension solutions can help you out!

At Raw Indian Hair Factory, we make it an effort to cater for everyone, their needs, their wants and their styling needs. To that end, we are gonna dedicate the rest of this article to better introduce you to some of the most many and varied hair extension solutions that we’ve in our great catalog – you’re sure to love them!

Well then, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started!

1) Indian curly hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers – Lets Curl It, Baby!

Indian temple hair extensionsHaven’t you heard? The Curls are all the rage these days! Perfect for every face and designed to get you that rocking “curly” look this summer season, it’s time to take your hair extension game to the next level – all thanks to our brilliant and awesome raw Indian hair wholesale suppliers made “Curly” hair extensions!

Sleek, curly and soft but without the typical perils of tangles and frizzes, our top of the line, Indian Remy hair wholesale prices curly extensions are 100% natural, sourced directly from the temples of India, and are manufactured by the best – offering a truly seamless and beauteous look that’s a literally a real treat to see!

Additionally, they are also totally untreated, meaning that the curls are not processed in any way using heat, chemicals or bleaches. Plus, you can also now grab ’em at even more exciting and wonderful colors and texture options – from blonde to brunette, redhead to grey, etc

2) Indian Wavy Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers – Let’s Get The “Waves” Started!

Bouncy, punchy, crazy and inspired by the sea, Wavy Hair is undoubtedly a must-have fashion trend to look out for this hot, summer season, especially if you’re going to the beach or something – and needless to say, our awesome virgin Indian hair wholesale suppliers branded Wavy extensions can really help you out with it!

Available in multiple eye-candy shades (brunette, blonde, redhead, grey, etc…) and a ton of exciting texture variations (from Coarse to Frizzy and everything in-between), you’re undoubtedly very sure to find your perfectly wavy hair extension from us – that’s a RIHF promise!

Additionally, they’re also UV treated, natively heat resistant and has a very unique, promising “virgin” quality to them, making them nearly indestructible to the harsh world out there – perfect for those who love the sun, the sands and the brilliant outdoors!

3) Indian Straight hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers – All The Style You Need!

Like it long and shiny? Love the great feel of flowing straightness? Looking for that perfect, classy “professional yet casual” look? We got you covered – or even better yet, our amazing, best Indian human hair wigs suppliers modeled straight extensions got you covered!

Available in multiple exciting lengths (8” to 22” inches) and ton of exciting textures, shades and variations, our awesome Indian Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers straight models are crafted using pure, organic straight hair follicles that are both very eco-friendly and super strong – offering for a truly stunning, unique product ensuring quality, reliability and convenience of the utmost, possible level!

So, yeah, they are low maintenance. Looks amazing, are a dream to sport and have plenty of very exciting options to choose from – giving you the much-needed, perfect freedom to better style and enjoy your straight hair the way you want, whenever or wherever you prefer!

4) Indian blonde hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers – Blonde Is The New Black!

Bright gold, enticing, cheerful and a lot of great fun, blonde haired persons are often described to be very happy, quirky and a sheer pleasure to be around with – and you know what? you can be a happy go “blondie blonde” too this summer season thanks to our brilliant blonde Indian Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers models!

Crafted using non-processed “virgin” hair follicles, you are bound to know how great they are, quality wise. and yes, super strong, and extra stylish, they can definitely last you for many, many years to come too – that’s a promise Additionally, since they are purely organic, they can easily be styled care for, even with heat-styling products – that too without ever worrying about damages!

Simply put, if you’re looking break into the whole blonde hairstyling fad this crazy summer season, look no further than our excellent and affordably priced blonde hair extension options – they’re simply that Good!

5) Indian Hair Frontals Extension Wholesale Suppliers – Quality Fitting, Always!

With affordable Indian hair wholesale price list options, our hair extension options are brilliant – no doubt about it. But in order to better reap its maximum benefit, you gotta make sure that it’s comfortable too – and needless to say, this exactly where our brilliant Hair Extension frontal options come in!

practically half a wig, often measuring 4″ x 4″ and designed to fit across or over your forehead, right along the hairline, mimicking it, our lace coated Frontal hair extension options can not only give you a super soft, comfortable fit and feel but can also protect your natural tresses from getting damaged, or lose their sheen!

Needless to say, if you are looking to buy a hair extension product that not only looks pretty real and awesome but also offers plenty protection to your natural bangs, look no further than our brilliant Hair Frontal options – you’re sure to love them, no matter what!

6) Indian Hair Closures Extension Wholesale Suppliers – The Perfect Style, With The Perfect Fit!

Love hair extensions but worry damaging your original tresses? Need a hair styling solution that looks, fit and feels awesome? Something simple? Something elegant? Well, look nowhere better than our stylish and amazing Indian Hair Closure Extension solutions!

Designed to fit in tandem with your existing hair follicles, these are great for getting a bit of extra volume, style and a nice fit, feel that goes well with the lifestyle of a modern day woman. They are easy to install, are less damaging and looks as, if not more, awesome as any other hair styling solution – that too at half the prices!

Undoubtedly, there is a lot to love about these brilliant, eye-candy hairstyling solutions, And if you’re looking to get your hands on one, don’t hesitate! Give us a call today, our team of hair care experts and stylists will be there with you shortly.

Indian Hair Wholesale Price List – The Money Saver!

Here at Raw Indian hair factory – the best Remy hair Indian wholesale manufacturers, we believe that quality should never be at the mercy of cost. In fact, it is one of the founding pillars on which we had built our company! Priced affordably to better meet the masses, our hair care products are undoubtedly some of the cheapest ones out there right now – that too despite their massively brilliant and high-quality levels

And if that’s not enough, we also do make sure to additionally offer a boatload of more great special deals and discounts across our entire selection of world-class Indian hair care products at very, very frequent intervals – conveniently offering you a ton of more brilliant and affordable opportunities to better grab yourself those truly luscious and brilliantly dreamy tresses today!

Where To Buy Indian Hair Wholesale

Globally available across every major countries (including Latin America, Canada and every Asian countries) through our tens and thousands of retail partners, it doesn’t matter wherever or whenever you’re in the world, you can always get your hands on our brilliant, top class, wholesale Indian virgin human hair products at very, very wallet-friendly prices.

Additionally, we also offer one of the best ever shipping systems in the business; capable of delivering you’re chosen Indian virgin hair wholesale products to any and all niche parts of the world – even in record times, no less!

So, yeah, distance is never a boundary for our amazing wholesale on virgin Indian hair products – delivering on the same quality, reliability and conveniences for which we are well known preferred for, no matter the time, place or occasion!

Indian Remy Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers The Conclusion!

With awesome choices across a ton of different shades, sizes, textures, and hair variations, and globally-renowned for offering quality, Indian virgin hair wholesale models at exceptionally cheaper prices, our classy, signature “unprocessed virgin Indian hair wholesale” models are highly sought after across the globe – and hey, it’s not without good reason!

super soft, strong, sleek, shiny and 100% natural, our top of the line wholesale Indian Remy hair suppliers Hair Extensions are perfect for every occasion, can definitely last you for long, and are perfect to better style and maintain, no matter what – Come on! What’s there not to like?

Hello there, we are Raw Indian Hair Factory – the best, most top-selling Indian Hair Extension Wholesale Suppliers in India. And together, let’s take your hair styling game to the next level – one brilliant hair extension at a time!

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