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Hey there, maybe you’ve got a bad haircut, or just wanna have a bit of hair volume and thickness for once in your life – whatever the case may be, natural virgin Indian hair closures or closure hair extensions are a brilliant way to bring some extra ” spice & oomph” into your hairstyles – no doubt about it!

Closure Hair Extensions

Needless to say, Designed to better help you take your hair styling game to the next level, our brilliant selection of Indian hair Closures and Indian Remy Closure Pieces etc… are undoubtedly your one-stop solution to better breath a brand new life into your hair styling efforts – that too affordably and very, very much easily!


And guess what? To better commemorate this great, brilliant collection, let’s talk about one of the most bestselling and well talked about product in our entire hair care line-up, ever – the lace-induced Indian hair Closures!

Raw Virgin Indian Closure Hair Extensions – Where Style Meets Substance!

A kick in the face for those who believes that hair extensions will always gonna be damaging and a pain to sport, no matter their price tags, the affordably priced Indian Curly Closure models are made using ultra-organic natural hair follicles and a super soft, feather-touch lace – allowing them to style your hair in the most imaginative (and healthier) ways possible!

Undoubtedly, there is a lot to love about these brilliant, eye-candy hairstyling solutions. And in this article, let’s talk more about what they are, what they are offering, their features, their perks, the quirks, the styles – and the works!

Well then, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Indian Human Hair Closure Extension – The Best Hair Styling Solution, Ever!

As you know from its name itself, our Indian Hair Weave Closure models are entirely made materials like lace and organic hair follicles, which massively helps to better boost the sheer comfort, convenience and style that they brings to the table – needless to say, The Raw Indian Hair Closures and Extensions are made by the best base materials possible! furthermore, we also ensure that the thickness and the material are excellent in quality to better assure that while bonding, the hair closures, and extensions are gonna be able to offer you a true natural texture – one that can easily last you for many, many years to come!

The latest in technology, ensuring high precision and alignment, and crafted by the best, these lace-powered  Indian hair Closures have undoubtedly redefined the way the foreigners are better styling their hair. And here at Raw Indian Hair Factory, we believe that it’s finally time that we – the Indians – too to get a great taste of their brilliantly awesome styles, perks, and benefits!

Yes, you heard it right; “the lace Indian Hair Frontal Extension” solutions are finally here in India – and hey, it’s your one-stop solution to all your hairstyling needs!


Best Indian Closures hair extension exporters – Frontals Vs Closures

Here’s a question; which is a better option, the lace Frontal or the lace Closure? Sure, personal preference will always matter. but at the end of the day, the truth is that they are equally great – and hey, before, you’re gonna “comment-punch” me to hell and back, please just hear me out!

Incurably similar in both design and purpose, both these variants are specially designed and are fully capable of giving you that brilliant and flawless install that stunningly mimics the real thing to an ultra-great level – looking very closely as though it’s growing directly (and naturally!) from your head itself.

Furthermore, to better make the matters worse, they also both share the same exact material – in this case, Lace – as their baseline fixture. Though in  Indian hair Closures, the coverage area is far lesser than it’s on the Frontal variants (about 4″ X 4″ in lace material). Technically, the lace closure is also different from a frontal because it does not cover the head from ear to ear.  They are installed on specific areas of the head to better realize the hairstyle envisioned by the client.

Cheap Indian Closures Hair Extensions Vendors – Why They Are So Popular?

Though the reason is well observable from their “cutsy” natures, Lace  Indian hair Closures are undoubtedly a favorite item for women who care much about their hair, its style, and its longevity. The flexibility and versatility of closures ensure and assure every style you want to try on, irrespective of the nature of your hair. Furthermore, Indian Hair Closures also provide the option of dying the weave to the choice of color as per requirement – literally opening up a whole new “style” avenue to play around in

Indian Remy Closure Pieces – The beauty of hair left intact

Thanks to our Indian hair Closures super-soft/organic nature, there is no permanent damage to your natural hair, ensuring natural safety of it against everything from chemical agents, heat or anything else that could otherwise spoil the hair strength and texture. Ease of use is a major advantage – no doubt about it. Lace closure enables you to style your hair as required, does not require weaving massively reducing the time taken to better style your hair, and provides ease of fixing.

Our Raw Indian Hair Factory is 100% Pure, and the hair is directly secured from major Temples from southern India. Our Hairs of top and premium quality grade, our  Indian hair Closures can be used in hair extensions without a second thought. Our hairs are well received throughout the world, and our clients are always overwhelmed with our quality of product and service.

Benefits of Raw Hair Bundles With Closure models

  • Very, Very customizable – from coloring to straightening to braiding, you can easily style & care for them in whatever the way you want!
  • Easy installation and removal – designed with better convenience in mind, you can easily wear and sport them sans any hassles, ever!
  • Better, higher quality and reliability – crafted using real hair follicles and only the best lace materials, they are sure to last you for a long, long time!
  • A Fit and feel that’s just truly amazing – designed in perfect tandem with the client’s exact measurements, our Virgin Indian Hair Closure Pieces are simply a pleasure to sport!
  • Easy to style and match for – with a ton of exciting colors, shades, and textures to choose from, styling your hair, especially to your heart’s content, has never been this much easier!
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use – highly resistant to heat, chemicals, colors, and everyday damages, they are easy on to skin too thanks to their super organic and softer nature
  • Easily hide and fix hair damages – designed to integrate seamlessly to natural tresses, say goodbye to bald patches, uneven hairlines, and even hair thinning, forever!

Top Indian Closures Hair Extensions Wholesale -Lace Closure and Lace Frontal

The reason for adding an Indian hair Closures or frontal to the existing natural hairline is to maintain a natural appearance. This desire could be derived only when natural appearance is achieved. This new addition merges with the natural look and provides a sense of confidence to the wearer

We use different closure hair extensions to match the requirements of clients. Lace closures are used to cover the entire scalp whereas lace frontals, as the name suggests covers the front portion of hair. The best closure for your scalp can be found with us!

Before the concept of closure and frontal were used external processing by application of chemicals, heat and other add on to modify the nature of hair and its inherent properties. Over time, these would have an impact on the natural hair resulting in it losing its natural character. In the long run, these could have an effect in the form of damages and could also ruin its properties.

THE RAW INDIAN HAIR FACTORY ensures and assures its clients that the raw material utilized (hair) is 100% natural and does not contain harmful chemicals. This provides our  Indian hair Closures end users safe from a chemical that could result in harmful effects.

LengthAvailabilityDetails Applicable for Lengths
10”In Stock100% Remy
12”In StockNatural Human Hair
14”In StockLast longer if maintained properly
16”In StockMachine Weft
18”In StockNatural Color
20”In StockFlexible Styling: Yes
22”In StockQuality Checked: Yes

Indian Human Hair Closure Extension – Types of Hair Closures

Indian Remy Lace Front Closure made of Lace has an enormous variety of hair products. These are made up of human hair, sourced from Indian temples and offered voluntarily by both genders as offering to the almighty –

Types of closures include Frontal Closure, in various style and color: Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and natural Wave, and hairstyles that are more different based on market requirement. Clients could choose closures of their choice and have them fixed to their existing hair to improve their look and beauty.

Indian Closures Hair Bundles: Lace Top Closure

Indian Hair Bundles with Closure is smaller when compared to lace frontal as the function of lace closure is distinct compared to frontal. Closures consist of special hair units in which individual hair strands are attached by hand to piece of a material referred to as lace. These combine with natural hair to provide a bulky appearance. Closure colors are as per client requirement.

The primary application of  Indian hair Closures is for an elegant appearance. Best Lace Closures are a favorite among women who generally prefer long hair. The flexibility, color choice, and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair irrespective of the nature of hair.

Style with protection:

Lace closure is fixed by sewn in to cover the top area where the weaving hair gets merged with natural hair. It gives wearer natural hairline and scalp area with proper installation. It is easy to modify based on your requirement.

Raw Indian Hair factory delivers such  Indian hair Closures that could match your taste and style. We are committed to quality and assure our clients that this experience is unique and your natural look has a valuable addition to it.

Virgin Indian Closures Hair Extension Prices prices

“Money should never be a hurdle to better style”

more often than not, people tend to be bogged down by huge price tags and expensive products when it comes to styling themselves, especially when their hair is involved – and needless to say, here at Raw Indian Hair Factory, we wanna change that!

Sure, though we are committed to delivering only high quality, industry leading, world-class hair products, especially when it comes to our hair extensions, lace frontals, and closure solutions, we are highly determinant and sure to only price our hair care solutions in the most affordable and easiest manner possible!

Additionally, since we also source our raw materials from voluntary donators only – from temples to charities and hair salons and more – we are able to keep our costs way, way down, allowing us to better serve you with a lighter, better, and easier-on-the-wallet billing sheet!

Real Indian hair closures bundle deals

Furthermore, aside from being already more wallet-friendly and cheaper to buy than most of what our competitors are churning out, we also do make sure to additionally offer a truckload more of special deals and discounts across our entire selection of world-class Indian Remy Hair with Closure models at very, very frequent intervals.

And if that’s not enough, you can also prefer to buy our  Indian hair Closures and other products in a bulkier format to better enjoy a massive discount across their total pricing levels, effectively bringing down their individual costs along with it – conveniently furnishing you with a ton of more affordable opportunities to better get yourself those truly luscious and brilliantly dreamy locks, TODAY!

Indian Hair Frontal Closures – The Conclusion

Exasperated with your current hairstyles? Looking for something that’s a bit new and exciting? Want a styling solution that’s not gonna damage your natural tresses? Well then, I simply doubt that you’ll be able to find a better option than our brilliant Indian Hair Frontal Extension solutions – they’re truly that amazing!

Manufactured using ultra high-end lace as its base-lining with real human hair on top to better style and care for, our world-renowned, Indian Curly Hair With Closure models are designed to offer you gals a truly awesome fit and feel that undoubtedly goes above and beyond the usual level of realism, comfort and convenience – and hey, they’re also exceptionally cheaper than the competition!

So, yeah, it literally goes without saying that our Best Indian Virgin Closures hair solutions are undoubtedly your perfect means to better take your hair styling plans to the next, best level – that too all without destroying your wallet to smithereens!

Hello there, we are Raw Indian Hair Factory – the best, trending, most top-rated Indian Natural Closures hair extensions vendor out there! And together, let’s reimagine the way we style our hair – one gorgeous Indian Closures human hair Extension at a time!

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