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Available in Blonde to brunette, redhead to grey and in every shade in-between, hair Extensions are truly brilliant – there is no doubt about it! But wearing them though, well… that’s another story. Earlier, they used to be rather infamous for being very uncomfortable to sport, often unwieldy and even damaging to your original tresses – and hey, let’s admit it, nothing can ever ruin a date as good as a handful of fallen tresses!


Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore – all thanks to the recent, brilliant hair care innovations like Indian Frontals human hair extension, Indian Hair Frontal Closures etc…

And guess what? We are here to talk more about the best of the lot – Indian Hair Frontal Extension!

Indian Frontals human hair extension – Here’s why they matter!

At the end of the day, a hair extension is only meant to be used as an “add-on” to your natural tresses, sitting on top of them, giving them volume style, the attractiveness, and the works. Needless to say, this also means that the quality of fitting has to be is very, very important, as that’s what gonna be responsible for making it look good, real-like and literally beauteous to the eyes.

And quite obviously, this is exactly where our brilliant lace-induced Indian Hair Frontal Extension models can come in handy for you!

Top Indian Frontals Hair Extensions Wholesale – What, When & How?

Available in multiple variations like Lace caps, Full lace, Lace 360 and our favourite, the Indian Hair Frontals, the lace hair frontal typically refers to a pseudo – hair extension option that is designed to perfectly blend in with your natural hair follicles, extending them, giving them a natural volume, punch and a better, sure-fire style to boot.

Needless to say, they’re highly popular across the globe thanks to their uber stylish looks and their ultra-realistic natures, often allowing them to be styled and enjoyed just as you would with your natural, real set of locks. And hey, if that’s not enough, they’re also highly beneficial to your natural tresses, as they can protect your original hair follicles from getting obliterated through everything from heat, chemical to even typical, every day breakages – and that too all the while looking immensely stylish and great!

Undoubtedly, these lace fuelled hair extensions have literally redefined the way the westerners are styling their hair. And here at Raw Indian Factory, we believe that it’s high time that we (the Indians) too have a taste of their amazing styles and benefits – don’t you too agree?

Enter “the lace Indian Hair Frontal Extension” solutions – your one-stop solution to all your hair styling needs!

Best Indian Frontals hair extension exporters: Lace Frontals Vs Lace Closures

Which is better? A lace Frontal or a lace Closure? Well, the truth is: both are great! Both are designed and is capable of giving you that full and flawless install that gives it the illusion of being ultra-real – looking very neatly as though it’s growing directly from your scalp itself.

So, at the end of the day, which is gonna be the perfect for you?  Well, it’s up to you to decide – or more exactly, your needs. Sure, they may serve nearly the same exact needs and wants, especially when it comes to style and quality of fitting. However, the key difference here that makes the Lace Frontal ones better than the other is the level of quality “finished look” that you’re gonna get to enjoy with them

Best Indian Virgin Frontals hair extension – what’s the one for you?

Sure, the Lace closures still remain to be the “go to” for a women who love simple hairstyles (i.e., the middle part, side-swept etc…), however, the main caveat is that they don’t produce a hairline to work with – massively reducing its versatility and options for better wearability

The lace frontal extensions, on the other hand, are practically half a wig, often measuring 4″ x 4″ and designed to be worn across or over your forehead, right along the hairline, mimicking the actual thing – but in a more voluminous, punchy and stylish way. perfect for hiding bald patches, fixing receding hairlines and even protecting your natural locks from further damage, they’re also infinitely customizable – from a simple ponytail to, braided buns to a set of gorgeous bangs, allowing you to better sport even the most outrageous and exciting hairstyles that you can ever hope to think off!

The Brilliant Benefits of Lace Frontals:

  • Highly customizable – from braiding to coloring to straightening, you can easily style them in whatever the way you want!
  • Easy to install and remove – making for a truly non-cumbersome experience all across the board!
  • Better, higher quality and reliability – if maintained properly, can definitely last you for years to come!
  • A Fit and feel that’s truly extraordinary – designed according to the client’s exact measurements, they’re a true dream to sport!
  • Super easy to blend and mix – with plenty of colors and shades to choose from, they are super easy to sport, no matter the color or texture!
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use – impervious to heat, chemicals, and typical damages, they can even save your natural locks from getting harmed!
  • Can help you better hide and fix hair damages – better say goodbye to bald patches, shoddy hairlines, and even heat spots, FOREVER!

Cheap Indian Frontals hair extensions vendors – perfect for everyone!

One of the greatest perks about fixing and removing our awesome Indian hair frontal is that they are far less inexpensive and non-time consuming than their closure counterparts. Furthermore, unlike the latter, they also do offer tremendous more versatility and can easily be customized as per its user’s needs.

And hey, If that isn’t enough for you, they’re also plenty customizable, offering endless possibilities to better style your hair in whatever the ways that you can think off – just think of it as a great, awesome canvas, ready to be painted and enjoyed!

Unlike its “wiggy” counterparts that often gets immensely uncomfortable to sport, especially during the summer, the Raw virgin Indian Frontals hair extensions are awesome in the sense that they can easily help maintain a consistent level of airflow across the scalp, keeping it hydrated, supple and making it a true comfort to sport – even in less than ideal conditions!

So yeah, we really could literally go on and on about how great and awesome these Cheap Virgin Indian hair Frontals extensions are – they’re that good! But if you wanna better know more about them, trying them out for yourself is the perfect way to go!

Indian Frontals human hair extension – Take Your Style To The Next Level!

Whether its natural wavy, curly or straight – you’d surely be glad to know that they’re easily achievable with our brand new, raw Indian closure hair extensions – that too at the most wallet-friendly prices in the market! Needless to say, here at Raw Indian Factory, we only offer top quality lace frontals – no matter what! And to that end, our Indian curly frontals closure hair extensions are super easy to apply care for, even in the long run – perfect for those who are always on the run!

Furthermore, our innovative new, Indian Hair Frontal Closures are also specially designed to extend all over your scalp, giving the illusion of it being naturally grown! Additionally, since they also come with or without a parting, they can also be easily sewed on to your scalp, as per your needs requirements – offering you with a super customizable versatility that’s truly unlike any other!

Indian Remy Lace Frontals Closures – Quality meets convenience!

Here at raw Indian hair factory, we take much pride in our ability to only give you guys the true, all-natural look for which we are well known for – and that too without ever the use of any non – natural materials, ever!

What lace frontals can give you:

Additionally, to keep well true of our promise, we have also literally eschewed the use of any chemicals or heat to fix the curly frontals or bangs of our hair extensions, cleverly employing the use of mighty expertise and adhesives in its place – so yeah, you’re sure to get only the best from us!

The style is certainly something that we take dearly here at Raw Indian Factory, therefore, the weaving that goes in tour Lace frontal products are done by our specialized experts who are quite the masters at providing the look you wanna have – whether its Curly frontals, straight locks or beachy waves! Furthermore, they’re also super happy to better guide you through the pins and process that goes into making them – and guess what? They’ll even tailor make you guys hair frontals and extensions exactly according to your needs and wants!

We suggest you look into the offerings of RAW INDIAN HAIR FACTORY to choose your requirement.

Indian Curly Frontals:

The natural look of curly hair is achievable with our raw Indian closure hair extensions. At the cheapest prices in the market, we offer you top quality lace frontals which can make your hair look beautiful and more voluminous! The closure hair extensions we use are completely natural and can be styled in any way after they have been attached!

The Indian curly frontals closure hair extensions are easy to apply and since they extend all over your scalp, they give the illusion of being naturally grown! They come with and without parting, as per your requirements and can be sewed on to your scalp in the least time by experts.

Giving the all-natural look to our clients doesn’t require us to use any material which is not natural as well! While avoiding using any chemicals or heat to fix the curly frontals to your hair, we employ the use of expertise and adhesives. The weaving done by our experts provides the look you want as it is customized to your requirements

Curly frontals can be set for long hair or short hair and any face cut. Our experts are happy to guide you through the process and tailor make the hair frontals and extensions according to your needs! Your beauty is our responsibility!

Real Indian frontals hair bundle deals: Glue, Tape, Band – what’s the one for you?

From wavy to curly, straight to bouncy and back again, it doesn’t matter whatever the kind of hairstyle that you’re trying to rock this summer season, our brilliant Indian hair Frontals bundles can definitely help you out – there is no doubt about it!

But, l what if they aren’t comfortable to wear? What if they are a nightmare to sport? How much is it gonna better affect you?

As we had said earlier, comfort is a major part of wearing a hair extension. And to that end, nothing tends to impact it more than the methods used in fixing them to your scalp – especially when it comes to comprehensive hair extension models like Raw virgin Indian Frontals hair!

LengthAvailabilityDetails Applicable for Lengths
10”In Stock100% Remy
12”In StockNatural Human Hair
14”In StockLast longer if maintained properly
16”In StockMachine Weft
18”In StockNatural Color
20”In StockFlexible Styling: Yes
22”In StockQuality Checked: Yes

Glue, Tape, Elastic Bands – Hey There, Your Choice Matters!

Fortunately, though, nowadays we have plenty of great options to choose from – from glue to tape to even bands – all of which can really enhance a lace frontal extensions comfort levels to a whole new degree.

Therefore, the real question, however, is all about finding out the perfect one for you!

Sure, though they are all designed to serve nearly the same exact purposes, they are all totally different from one another, from their composition to the way they work. Therefore, choosing the best among these three that’s gonna better suit your needs and wants is very, very important, as it can directly affect how your relationship with your extension option is gonna better pan out, especially in the long run!

Best Virgin Indian Hair Lace Frontals – The Types You Need To Know About

From Glue to Tape to Elastic bands – we know how hard it can be to pick the right one! therefore, to better give you guys a good idea as to what they’re all about, what they’re capable off and what they’re gonna bring to the table, we’ve put together a short little session below about all the major perks, benefits, and quirks that they’re known to offer!

Well then, here they are!



  • Lasts 2-3 weeks and hence has longer life and is maintenance less.

Factors to be Consider:

  • Bonding glue is sticky and needs to be attended after 2 weeks
  • Glue may causes irritation to the skin owing to direct contact
  • May result in damage and breaking of hair base.



  • These tapes cab be applied and removed easily compared to other methods
  • Life cycle is about a week.

Factors to Consider:

  • These tapes may irritate the skin
  • Owing to the thickness of the tape, it does not lay flat.



  • Uses the elastic band only and hence avoids usage of chemicals & adhesives.
  • These don’t cause skin irritation
  • Installation is easy.
  • Does not use any product for fixing or bonding.
  • It last as long as elastic stays tight and in place.
  • If it is installed by a professional, it maintains best fit.

Factors to Consider:

  • Periodic maintenance is required.
  • Entire frontal must be removed and reinstalled to ensure perfect fit and fixing
  • Time consuming
  • Causes thinning of hair by the ear because of the tension used to pull the frontal flat.
  • Unless installed by professional, may slip back.
  • The elastic band can be uncomfortable and cause headaches if not maintained at correct tension.

Virgin Indian Frontals hair extension prices

“Style should never be expensive” – this is certainly something that we take quite seriously here at Raw Indian Hair Factory. And that’s why, though we only deal in high quality, industry leading hair product, we have made sure to only price our hair care solutions in the most affordable manner ever possible!

Real Indian Remy Hair Bundle deals

Furthermore, aside from being already more wallet-friendly and cheaper to buy, we also do offer a truckload of special deals and discounts across our entire catalog of world-class Indian Hair Frontal Extension models at very, very close and frequent intervals;

Brilliantly furnishing you with a ton more great opportunities to better (and more cheaply!) get yourself those truly luscious and brilliantly dreamy locks!

Indian Hair Frontal Closures – The Conclusion

Frustrated with your existing hairstyles? Want something that’s new and exciting? Something that’s not gonna damage your real hair? Well then, look no further than our brilliant Indian Hair Frontal Extension options – they’re that amazing!

crafted using ultra high-quality lace as a base with real human hair to better style, our world-class, Indian Hair Frontal Extensions are designed to offer a truly natural fit and feel that literally goes above and beyond typical realism and comfort. Furthermore, they’re also insanely cheap, often costing only a third of its competition!

Needless to say, our Indian Hair Frontal Extension models are undoubtedly the perfect tools to better raise your hair styling game to the next level – that too without ever breaking your bank account!

Hey there, we are Raw Indian Hair Factory – the leading, most top-selling Indian curly frontal vendor out there! And together, let’s redefine the way you style your hair – one amazing Lace Frontal extension at a time!

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