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For modern-day women, hair is the most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality, it can give her the confidence, and yes, it can even help her to get the boy (true story!) – Needless to say, At Raw Indian Hair Factory, we understand this! So, whether you’re lusting after waist-length “Rapunzel” like locks, beachy summer waves or just want a decent ponytail for once in your life, our high quality, genuine, Indian Remy Hair Extensions can be the instant solution to all your long hair needs!

Crafted using organically sourced, Virgin, ultra-quality strands that are both heavy duty and extremely beautiful, our Real Indian Remy Hair Extensions are your one-stop-solution to better take your hairdressing games to the next level. Like it curly and thick? Love the feel of waves? Looking for that perfect straightened look? We got you covered – or better yet, our extensions got you covered!

Wanna know more? Wanna know more about us? Craving to know what’s all the “hairy” fuzz is all about? Well then, just grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read on!

Indian Remy Human Hair Extension – the best way to style your hair!

From J-Lo to Rihanna and Selena to Kylie, many women and celebrities have always had worn extensions to enhance the appearance of their hair, some use them to remain discreet, while others tend to flaunt them all over their social media channels. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter how, when or why you’d wanna rock a longer set of luscious locks, our beautifully made Remy hair Extensions in India can definitely help you out – especially with over 100 different bleached shades to choose from!

Here at Top Indian Remy Hair extensions wholesale, we care a lot about quality and reliability. And to that end, we have one of the best quality-control systems in the business and we also tend to source our raw materials only from highly reputed and organic sources like temples, hospitals, and high-end hair care saloons – ensuring that they will always be of the best of quality, no matter what!

Furthermore, since our Indian Remy human hair clip in Extension is also greatly organic and can easily retain their shapes, as well as last very long, they can easily be styled with any sort of heat-based products or chemicals without ever having to worry about breakages or damaged ends – yeah, our great Indian Remy Hair extensions are simply that amazing!

Top Indian Remy Hair Extensions Wholesale – double drawn vs Single drawn

“Do you want a single drawn hair extension or double drawn one?”

Picking out the right hairstyle itself can be a very tricky affair, however, despite being a major decision that’s s gonna directly affect how the end result is gonna look, the dilemma between “single drawn” or “double drawn” will probably gonna be the biggest question that’s gonna draw the most puzzled looks, especially from first-timers.

And hey, at Raw Indian Hair Factory, we definitely wanna change that!

So, how to choose the perfect one for you? What are their major differences? How they’re made? And more importantly, what are they gonna mean for your style?

Well then, keep on reading to know more about it!

Indian Remy Hair Extensions – Remy Single Drawn Hair Extensions models,

indian curly hair extensions - H1

Just like what their name implies, the single drawn option refers to the type of extensions that are crafted using hair sourced directly from a single donor. And true to life, our Indian Virgin Remy Hair extensions will be thicker at the top, where they’re roots would’ve been, and will become thinner and thinner the closer they get to the ends, emulating a more natural fit, and feel that’s perfect for a casual long look and style.

Quite obviously, much of the hair extensions that are sold today belongs to this particular variant, as it is better easier to source, produce and are thus more affordable than their doubler-sourced cousins. The only downside, however, is that if you’re after that puffy, voluminous set of styles that are perfect for those kinds of red-carpet-ish events, you are surely not gonna find them with these ones.

Indian Remy Hair Extensions – Remy Double Drawn Hair Extensions Models

A perfect option for those who are for looking for that punchy, beachy curls or a more Disney-like hair do’s and styles, our Raw Indian Hair Factory double-drawn hair extensions are manufactured using hair strands that are sourced from multiple individuals, processed than to better befit a more common and seamless standard. In these types of models, the packed hair strands will all share the same length and thicknesses from their root to the end, offering a richer, fuller and better hairstyling solution that can definitely help you stand apart from the crowd!

Obviously, these kinds of long hair extensions would require a lot of work to be put into them. And needless to say, that makes them a lot more expensive than their single-drawn variants, often costing twice as much or more. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for that “immaculate” look or want a bit of “flourish & oomph” in your summer hairstyles, you simply cannot go wrong with these ones – and, that my friend, is the real truth!

Indian Remy Hair Extensions – Wefts, Clip-Ins, Tapes, and Weaves!

Available in many different variants to better suit everything from Indian Remy single, double drawn hair extension options and more, our Indian Remy Meshed Wefts, Clip In’s, Tapes and Weaves are all made from highly durable medical-grade materials that are both long-lasting and easy on the skin – all thanks to them being truly organic and highly hypo-allergenic!

Furthermore, our engineers have custom-designed these short add-on’s to be highly discreet, lightweight and easy on the follicles, ensuring a truly hassle & tangle free-experience – perfect for both long-termed wearing as well as heavy styling needs.

Needless to say, It doesn’t matter whichever the one you choose, whether it be Indian Remy Hair Extensions Clip In, Indian Remy Human Hair extension Weave, or even our very own Indian Remy Tape Hair Extensions, you’re sure to get a wearable experience that’s truly out of this world and really amazing!

Indian Remy Hair Extensions reviews – Single Drawn Remy Straight, Wavy, Curly

With over 100 different shades to choose from as well as styles and designs, at Raw Indian Hair Factory we currently have one of the biggest Virgin Indian Remy hair extensions collection in the market right now – offering something stylish, something awesome for everyone!

To that end, join us we introduce you to three of the most bestselling and popular hair extension variants from our amazing collection – three that can really help better take your hair styling efforts to the next, best possible level!

Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions – The Straight Indian Remy Hair Variants

Indian Straight Hair

Love wearing ponytails? Can’t get enough of that sleek, stylish and loose look? Wanna have something that you can sport every day? Well then, you’re sure to love our spectacular Indian Remy Straight Hair Weaves!

Crafted using high-quality hair strands that are sourced hygienically from temples, hospitals, and hair care salons, our single-drawn Remy hair extensions are purely natural (they even have their cuticles still attached!) and hence you need not have to worry about them losing their straightness nor their textures ever again.

Furthermore, they are also very easy to clip-in, maintain as well as style, thanks to the brilliant weave/adhesive-based attachment solution that we have introduced with them – making way for a truly hassle-free way to better style your hair the way you want it!

Best Indian Remy Hair Extension Exporters – The Curly Indian Remy Hair Variants

Indian curly hairBouncy, beautiful and perfect for every occasion, the curly hair revolution is sweeping the nation and if you don’t wanna get left behind, our amazing Indian Human Remy Hair Extensions review/Experts can definitely help you out!

Manufactured using organically sourced real, pure hair follicles that are naturally curvy and high in volume, our high-quality, Genuine Indian Remy curvy hair extensions are designed specifically to never lose their textures nor their curves, ever – giving you the freedom to better style them the way want them, just the way you would do with a real head of hair!

Additionally, our Indian Remy Clip in Hair Extensions are also available in a multitude of different shades and textures. From blonde to brunette, redhead to grey, and long to short there are plenty more to choose from. And hey, if you don’t know which one to pick or don’t know what’s gonna suit you better, Don’t worry! Our team of professional hair-care experts can definitely help you out with it!

Best Cheap Indian Remy Hair Extensions Vendors – The Wavy Indian Remy Hair variants

Indian Wavy hair

Haven’t you heard? The waves are in! highly gorgeous, sophisticated and perfect for every face types and skin tones, getting yourself that perfect wavy hair is now easier than ever before – all thanks to our amazing Indian Remy wavy hair extensions!

Painstakingly crafted using only naturally wavy double-drawn hair follicles, the Indian Remy wavy hair extensions have the unique distinction of never being touched with any sort of chemicals or heat applicants, making them better easy to sport, style and maintain – especially to those who are always on the run.

Additionally, they also come in a range of exciting colors to buy, colors that can definitely help you better stand apart from the crowd. And if you don’t know which one to choose or what’s gonna suit your face type better, just give us a call today and our hair care experts can definitely help you out.


LengthAvailabilityDetails Applicable for Lengths
10”In Stock100% Remy
12”In StockNatural Human Hair
14”In StockLast longer if maintained properly
16”In StockMachine Weft
18”In StockNatural Color
20”In StockFlexible Styling: Yes
22”In StockQuality Checked: Yes

The remy hair company: Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extension Prices – style your hair, affordably!

At Raw Indian Hair Factory, we believe in offering beauty, quality, and reliability, but not at the cost of, well… cost! to that end, we source our raw materials from places like hospitals, Charities, temples, and hire-care saloons which not only allows us to keep the costs better down but also ensure that the “natural virgin” quality of our extensions will always be there for you.

Real Indian Remy Hair Bundle deals

Furthermore, aside from being already more wallet-friendly and cheaper to get, especially when compared with our many competitors, we also do offer a slew of special deals and discounts across for our brilliant Brunette/blonde Indian Remy Hair Extensions models at very frequent intervals – giving you a ton of great opportunities to better (and affordably!) get those luscious dreamy locks!

Indian remy hair vendors

As Indian remy hair vendors we assure our extensions have smooth finish, fine texture, attractive & natural look and long lasting shine. These hair extensions are available in various colors, lengths and patterns as per client requirement. The RAW INDIAN HAIR FACTORY prices are competitive and we believe in client satisfaction as our core values.

Raw Indian Hair Factory – The Takeaway

blonde curly remy hair extension

Available across a ton of different shades, sizes, and variations, it doesn’t matter whatever your hair styling needs are or whatever the kind of looks that you’re trying to achieve, with our lustrous and sleek Remy hair extension sale options, Rocking your killer desired look is now easier than ever before!

World-renowned for offering quality, “virgin” hair extensions at very, very affordable prices, At Raw Indian Hair factory, our signature “Indian Remy Fusion Hair Extensions are highly sought after across the globe – and it’s not without good reason! super silky, strong, shiny and 100% pure, our top of the line Indian Remy Hair Extensions are perfect for every occasion, can last you very long, and are easier to better style and maintain – I mean, come on! What’s there not to like?

Hey there, we are Raw Indian Hair Factory – the leading, most top-selling vendors/exporters of Remy Hair Extensions in India! And together, let’s redefine the way you style your hair – one incredible extension at a time!

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